- Skin Cancer Centre -

Skin cancer in Australia today presents in near epidemic numbers. Fortunately, the majority of skin cancers (if treated early), can be cured and cause minimal inconvenience.

The skin cancer centre at Canvas Plastic Surgery was set up to provide patients access to skin cancer treatment that their regular GP was not able to. There is an area of skin cancer management that falls between the skills of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and GPs. It is a grey area where reconstruction is required but is simple and achievable in the clinic setting when done by a Doctor with appropriate training. Dr Nishant Balakrishnan is a GP who has pursued an interest in skin cancer treatment and has spent time training with plastic surgery units around Melbourne and with Plastic Surgeon Mr Mathew Lee to specifically address this area of need.

Skin checks, consultation and procedures are done through our Dromana rooms in our “see and treat” clinic. The aim of this is to streamline your treatment in a manner where, if the diagnosis is clear, the lesion in question can be dealt with on the spot. If a biopsy is required prior to definitive management this can be attended to as well.

More complicated cancers or cosmetically sensitive areas requiring more technical reconstructions can be managed in conjunction with or alternatively by our plastic surgeons.

The “see and treat” model helps reduce the number of visits you require and subsequently saves you both time and money. Access to the full spectrum of skin care ensures your treatment is dealt with by the most appropriately skilled practitioner.