- Wound Centre -

The wound centre at Canvas Plastic Surgery was established to offer patients from any surgical specialty access to specialist wound care. The centre provides an opportunity to ensure that no matter what surgery they have had, the resulting scar is the best it can be. For patients of Canvas this service is included in your surgical fee.

Wound care is an essential part of any surgical procedure and is often an area that deserves more attention than it is afforded. Suture care and time of removal, dressing choices, swelling management, immobilisation and scar management are just some of the variables that come into consideration.

As with all things in surgery, attention to detail and early considered intervention can maximise rate of wound healing and help minimise the resultant scar. Having a specialist wound care nurse looking after you following surgery makes recovery easy and provides a great resource for questions and concerns related to your healing.

Unfortunately, not all wounds heal quickly and simply. Some wounds are chronic and require diligent ongoing management. Dressings are often difficult to manage without an extra pair of hands and a skilled wound care nurse can make a complicated and painful event more tolerable.

Wound care is an art that requires patience, persistence and above all experience and our nurses have experience with all types of wounds and dressings.

Post-surgical wound care is ideally done in conjunction with your treating surgeon and we will always endeavour to liaise closely with them to ensure the best outcome as your recovery is ultimately their concern and responsibility. If necessary, however, specialist plastic surgeons are available for problematic wounds and situations where dressings will no longer be enough.

Our experience with wounds includes but is not limited to:

  • Post surgical wound care, suture removal, staple removal
  • Wound care post-hand surgery
  • Skin graft care and dressings
  • Burns dressings
  • Negative pressure wound care
  • Antibacterial wound care with silver based dressings
  • Care of acute wounds and injuries
  • Chronic wounds eg. venous ulcers, pressure ulcers

Our centre can provide:

  • Dressing products and scar management products are available on site to save you the time and money of sourcing the appropriate dressing yourself.
  • Wound care packages are available for wounds that will require extended care.
  • Scar management programs are available.

Fees and charges:

Wound specialist nurse dressing $75
General practitioner directed $125
Plastic surgeon directed $150

* Dressing fees include most dressings required excluding negative pressure devices and silver based dressings.
* Medicare rebates are available for GP directed wound care.